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Blog Coaching Packages

Each package provides support that includes email, review or critique of your work, and up to 30 minutes of phone support (US only).

Coaching Package rates

2 hours      $75
3 hours     $100

A non-refundable fee is due in advance via PayPal. Coaching packages expire six months after the date of purchase. ​

Wise Builders Package

If you want to write a Christian blog but don’t know where to start, this package is for you!

Blogging Basics Package

You have a solid sense of your blog’s mission and purpose, and you know you’ll be writing—but what else do you need to know?

 Writing Workflow Package

Strategies to manage writing process and workflow, for new and experienced bloggers.

 Writer’s Workshop Package

Improve the craft of writing, for new and experienced bloggers.

Growth Package

How can you find new readers? For bloggers with fewer than 100 followers.

Responding to Readers Package

How should you respond to comments and emails from readers?

 Christian Blogging Package

When your mission statement is a ministry, you need to care for your own spiritual well-being.

 Social Media Package

Use social media to enhance your blog’s ministry.

 Wise Rebuilders Package

Revisit your mission and goals, and build new plans.

Not Sure?

If you aren’t sure what blog coaching package is the best fit for your needs, this is the place to start.