Editing Services

I provide editing services for blog posts and e-books.

Editing Rates

Proofreading:                      $3.50 per manuscript page*
Copyediting:                        $4 per manuscript page*
Substantive commenting:  $5 per manuscript page*
Developmental editing:     $50 per hour

*Per industry standard, one manuscript page is equal to 250 words.

Types of Editing


Proofreading is essentially one last look through a piece that has already been edited. The purpose is to catch typographical errors and be sure earlier editing work was changed correctly.

  • Correcting errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and usage (such as there for their)
  • Confirming consistency in capitalization, numbers, spelling, etc.
  • Tracking continuity of the plot or overall development and noting discrepancies for the author.
  • Marking statements that are incorrect or unclear.
Substantive commenting for revision
  • Suggesting alternate phrasing to avoid wordiness or add amplification of ideas.
  • Smoothing transitions.
  • Suggesting rearrangements to text.
  • Suggesting places to add or delete text at the paragraph or sentence level.
Developmental Editing

Developmental editing involves helping the author look at the big picture. It often includes consultation before the writing begins or in the early stages of writing. Developmental editing may involve some of the following:

  • Assisting with planning the organization or primary characteristics of a piece of work.
  • Reading the first chapter to give an author suggestions to implement in other chapters.
  • Suggesting formats or approaches.
  • Identifying repetition or gaps in content.

A manuscript review provides an in-depth evaluation of your book and a recommendation for your editing needs.

It begins with the big picture: Does the book have a clear audience and a focused message? Is it arranged in a way that leads readers to this message? Do the chapters flow together well, or would a different arrangement of ideas work better?

Editing services will include a contract in order for both the writer and LifeSpring Writing to have a clear understanding of the work, timeframe, and payment involved.

Clients will pay half of the agreed-upon fee in advance. When editing work is completed, the client will receive the first half of the document. The second half will be received upon receipt of the final payment.

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