The Called Blogger

Plenty of blogs may have a mission statement–but when you’re a Christian blogger, that mission statement is truly a mission. What has God called us to do? How can we use blogging to accomplish His purposes and draw our readers closer to Him?

We do our work at the intersection of blogging and ministry.

Bringing new readers to our blogs isn’t just about increased traffic, it is also about more people who need what God has to offer through us. We may wonder if it’s okay to monetize our blogs. Sure, there are actual expenses to blogging, but we wonder if a ministry should be free. Or others tell us we shouldn’t be monetizing. How much of our writing should incorporate scripture? How should we connect with bloggers who have different theological approaches or who have very different views on issues that matter to us?

This section of the site will offer articles that will help you figure out what it means to be a blogger who is called by God. Some articles will be more about blogging, and others will be more about ministry.